A lifetime ago I was a TV reporter in the beautiful sunny city of Perth, Australia where I'm from. In my 20s I went to London on a working holiday and not long after arriving I found my dream job as a news producer at the BBC. Then I met an Englishman, we got married, bought a house and had two children (a girl and a boy, now aged 3 & 5)....so my 'little visit' to the UK lasted a whole 12 years! We moved to France two years ago for my husband's work and I'm now enjoying a new (but temporary) life in the wonderful city of Paris. My favourite things are family cycle rides along The Seine, breaking into a warm baguette and meeting new friends.

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Hello, I’m Kate, and my husband and I are the proud owners of 2 toddlers. I spent 10 busy years as a civil law Barrister, so words were my life source. In 2014 I had my first child and in the space of the next 16 months, we moved to Paris and had another baby… it’s been busy! The boy and the girl are lucky to have some fabulous toys, equipment and gadgets (things that I like to refer to as “stuff that makes life easier”), and we are always kept busy with days out, activities and we love our holidays. I have been asked so many times by friends and family for advice, and find I enjoy helping people if I can. So Five Little Stars is a natural challenge to keep me busy and enthused, whilst juggling 2 toddlers still at home.