Hi! I'm Alison, one of the co-creators of Five Little Stars. I'm originally from the beautiful sunny city of Perth, Australia where I used to work as a TV news reporter. It was an exciting job but in my 20s I decided to take a break and travel to Europe to broaden my horizons. In London, I was very lucky to find my dream job and my future husband so I stayed for a while (...12 years!).  I now have two British children (a boy and a girl aged 5 & 3) and we've moved to France which I love! Writing, research and photography have always been my passion and I'm enjoying sharing my ideas, experiences and recommendations with you. I hope you find our blogs relevant and useful - that's my aim x  

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Hello, I’m Kate, the other Five Little Stars mum boss! I spent 10 busy years as a civil law Barrister. I am also Copy Kate: a freelance Copywriter (conversion and content). Words are my life source and I love being creative.

In 2014 I had my first child and in the space of the next 16 months, we moved from the UK to Paris and had another baby. It was busy! With another move to Toulouse on the horizon, the adventures keep on coming.

My 2 toddlers are very lucky to have some fabulous toys, equipment and gadgets (“stuff that makes life easier”), and we are always kept busy with fun days out and holidays. I have been asked so many times by friends and family for advice, and find I enjoy helping people if I can. So, Five Little Stars is the perfect way to do this and be useful to a wider audience. Enjoy!! Kx