Disney Tips 4: How to Survive Queuing with Little Ones in Disney (or any Theme Park or Attraction)

So often I hear that people say they avoid going to Disney because of the queues. It is a fact that some queuing is inevitable, it is a popular place because it is magical! BUT if you are savvy then it need not be a problem. Follow our tips here to get the very best out of Disney.

Disney Queue


Minimising Queues

  • Try and visit Disney at quieter times of the year (outside of holidays - check both French and UK holidays). 
  • Use the Disney App which allows you to check out the real time queue times.
  • Busiest days during school term times are probably the weekends and Wednesdays (French schools are closed on Wednesdays).
  • Queue times vary throughout the day. If you can eat at unusual times then queues will be shorter when every one else is having lunch for example. During the parades queue times dip. 
Disney teacups queue


Managing Queues

  • iPads, Amazon Firepads, or even your phone  - make sure you have charge, and maybe even take means of recharging. And make sure you have pre downloaded films/episides of favourite programmes on there ready - in case your internet isn't working.
  • Snacks snacks snacks - I love the little Pez sweets and dispensers that you can get (in Disney, but also elsewhere too). They are tiny sweets and one packet lasts ages. 
  • Little Life reigns - these are essential for my youngest, and my eldest up until recently. When I used them with both I probably looked like a professional dog walker - but the kids could not run off. Stress minimising kit!
  • Pottette Travel potty - I even take this into queues with me. Toddler toilet requirements are often urgent, so this removes all the faff of finding one or getting caught out.
  • If you're with friends they can entertain them in the queue. I do find it easier when I go in a group from this point of view, as the kids get excited and want to be together.
  • Emergency crayons and scrap paper - I keep these in my bag all the time. There's no reason why you can't do a quick doodle whilst you're sitting on the floor in prime position waiting for the parade!
  • Small toys in your handbag - kids tweezers, small car. For the same reason as the emergency crayons above. And also, whilst a lot of the restaurants are fast food, there can still be a wait.
  • I spy. A good one for making time pass which requires no props at all - and there are lots of fun things to spy in Disney. 
  • Buckets of patience. Reality is, some queues are long and kids just don't understand that. Patience compliments all of my other pointers above. 

 With this arsenal at my disposal I honestly don't find the Disney queues to be that bad at all. We approach it with the mindset that the queue is part of the fun. Often the queues have things to see and talk about along the way too which is good to stop little ones getting bored.


So, now you are prepared... have fun!

Kate x

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ps. Not just for kids. I had a mini break with my sister in Disney and it was AMAZEBALLS!!!! 

ps. Not just for kids. I had a mini break with my sister in Disney and it was AMAZEBALLS!!!!