A family weekend in Saint Tropez, South of France - 8 fun ideas of things to do

Recently we had a long weekend in the absolutely beautiful Saint Tropez area. This really is a very special part of the South of France, somehow managing to live up to its glitzy and sophisticated reputation but without losing any typical french charm by being too polished.  

We visited with our 4 and 2 year old, so we were never going to have a decadent weekend fully taking advantage of the shopping, bars and restaurants. But that's ok. We still had an amazing time and Saint Tropez had a lot to offer for a family mini break

We visited in April 2018, and would highly recommend that you visit off season if you can, whilst still catching some sunshine, because I suspect this beautiful little part of the world gets very busy in tourist season. 

Here are some family friendly ideas of things to do with 2 days in Saint Tropez, with a car.


1. Explore SAINT TROPEZ Port & have an ice cream!

You could while away many hours in the sunshine watching the world go by down by the port of Saint Tropez. People watching is particularly interesting as, judging from the size of some of the amazing boats, the wealth here is a bit mind-boggling. And I can't even imagine how much a mooring costs in the Saint Tropez port. 

Slight warning - unless you are careful, even people watching can have a price tag attached... a coffee on the port can cost €10!

There are many ice cream shops dotted around, and you probably owe it to them to try as many as you can whilst you are there. This was a challenge my children wholeheartedly embraced.

Saint Tropez Port


2. Explore Saint Tropez Town  

From Saint Tropez port it is just a short stroll until you reach the beautiful old town. You can amble along the main shopping areas. And oh the shopping! Or you can wander further and meander through the quieter backstreets of the town. Saint Tropez town is a gorgeous place that deserves to be explored.

Saint Tropez town
There is even a wine kiosk on the main square!!!!

There is even a wine kiosk on the main square!!!!

3.  lunch at key west beach restaurant, ramatuelle

I heartily recommend heading to Key West beach at Ramatuelle for lunch.

It is a lovely clean beach, the restaurant and food were super, the serving staff were very friendly and accommodating, but best of all (and satisfying our main criteria).... you can have a table right beside the beach so the children can play whilst you enjoy an adult meal. Yes, it's nice to all eat together, but on a family holiday with young children it is hard to get couple time during the day - and this is a perfect way to do it. 

As you head back from Key West restaurant to the car park, you will find a little massage hut on the right. My lovely husband spotted this and secretly booked and paid for a half hour massage for me which I enjoyed whilst they walked down the beach and found a little play park.

Key west beach ramatuelle

4. Wine tasting 

Whilst at lunch we enjoyed a lovely bottle of local rosé wine. We ordered it because we recognised the chateau name on the bottle, Chateau des Marris, having driven past it close by. It was lovely, so we got onto Google and headed there after lunch. 

Now we were particularly lucky that the children both fell asleep in the car, so when we arrived we were able to park up in the shade and enjoy more couple time with a wine tasting (and purchasing) in view of the car.  

A sample of our purchases

A sample of our purchases

5. Visit Port Grimaud 

Port Grimaud is a must visit location. It is obvious why this beautiful and unusual little place is known as the "little Venice" of France.

I would recommend the 20 minute boat tour of the little canal ways with the children. It was a perfect length to keep their attention and a good way to see the whole port. Our children were young enough to be free, and it was inexpensive for adults.

Port Grimaud is not short of restaurants and is a lovely spot for lunch or dinner. 

port grimaud

6. Play on Grimaud Beach

After expoirng the port, it is worth popping down to Grimaud Beach for a stroll, play, drink... whatever really. This is another lovely beach.

grimaud beach

7. Hop in the car and head to historic Grimaud Village  

If you head in the car up to the inland Grimaud village, I promise you wont be disappointed.

When you get to the main village part, keep following the road past and up, and head to the castle ruins at the very top of the hill. You can see the castle from far around, so you will know where you are heading. Park up the car just short of the ruins, climb some steps and walk a few minutes along and up a tree shaded road until you reach the old part of the village. 

The picturesque walk around the utterly beautiful Grimaud village is breathtaking. You can follow the subtle signs for the "route touristique" to ensure you see the best parts. 

Grimaud village

8. Grimaud Castle and play Park

You can also visit the Grimaud castle ruins (alas, we didn't have time to do this due to rumbly tummies, but I would have liked to) and at their foot is a lovely little play park for young children. 

grimaud village play park


Where to stay? You may ask!

Well we booked an Air B&B within a 10 minute (toddler speed) walk from the Saint Tropez port. This was perfect. I think this arrangement often works better with young children than a hotel as we had all the conveniences of a very lovely apartment - a kitchen and dining area so we could cook and eat in, separate bedrooms for us and the children, washing facilities (handy as my daughter was sick all over her car seat 3 minutes before arrival on the first evening!), and a lounge area for when the children were asleep.

We drove to Saint Tropez from our home in the suburbs of Toulouse and it took about 5.5 - 6 hours each way.


Kate x