Christmas Gifts for Teachers

It is nearly that time of year again... when Christmas gifts are needed for your child/children’s teacher/s. What to get? Who to get for? What is an appropriate value? It’s a tricky business. Some classes in some schools have a class representative and collect a fund to buy a group gift, but not all as this is a question that seems to come up time and time again on social media groups that I am a member of. Maybe the following will help...


From friends of mine who are teachers, it seems to be pretty much unanimous that the gifts and cards that touch them the most are the handmade ones. So if you have the time and can do this, then this my top tip. Here’s what I do:


I buy or make an edible gift for the classroom that my child is in, so for the teachers and class assistants to share. That way no one gets left out. For example, last year we made some cupcakes together, and on the box I stuck photos of the kids making them. This year we are making some Gingerbread biscuits (I hesitated then as I almost wrote “gingerbread men” but I don’t have a "man" biscuit cutter... I do have a perfectly good dinosaur one, so they might end up being Christmas Dinosaurs!). Also a shop bought box of chocolates or biscuits to share will always be a winner.

licking the bowl


And then for each teacher that plays a special role with my child (eg the class teacher, allocated carer or keyworker in creche/garderie/nursery, head teacher, someone who has particularly helped us in the year) I give a small extra gift. Last year I had little personalised keyrings made, and this year it is going to be a jar of homemade chutney (sorry Bex, I’ve spoilt the surprise!).


In my view, it’s not what you spend that’s important (as with any gift), but the gesture and in turn the thought that goes into it. So if you are going to buy something, spend what you can afford and are comfortable with. And lets face it, if you’re buying multiple teacher gifts and for several children, it becomes an expensive business if you’re not savvy.


And as for a hand made card, get the kids involved (or the whole family) and it can be as simple and fun as thumb print pictures; or how about a snowman made from two cotton wool make-up pads with googley or drawn on eyes, carrot nose and mouth, and some buttons/mini pompoms; or draw a star outline and get the little ones to decorate it. Have a little look on pinterest for more inspiration, that’s what I do every year.

xmas card

Kate x

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