Beautiful Names 2017

A few years ago, we couldn't find a suitable name for our second child, who we knew was going to be a girl. I got so hung up on finding the perfect name that I was incapable of making a decision. I read an A - Z book of names from cover to cover, searched all of the popular naming websites and I even googled "nice foreign names" for some inspiration. Nothing seemed to work. I enjoyed the search but I must admit, a few days before the birth, I was starting to worry. 

Then, by chance, my husband found our daughter's name on a tombstone in our old English village! Her name is Eliza. We think it's perfect, of course! 

I'm not going to profess to be a naming expert but I can say that, having lived in a few different countries and having worked as a news reporter, I've met a lot of different people in a lot of different places. Sometimes I hear a name and I just know it's a good one. So I make a mental note and share it with friends and family if they are looking for inspiration.

I think most people have the same criteria. They want a name that's a bit different but not too weird, timeless but not common and easy to pronounce (and spell) but not plain. It needs to flow with the child's middle name and their last name, it shouldn't clash with their sibling's names and, most importantly, will your child like it when he or she grows up? 

Since moving to France two years ago, I've been taking note of great and beautiful names and I'd like to share this list with you. Some are French but it's mostly a mix. And I've collected more girls than boys names so this page is evolving. 

A big thank you to my friends and their children whose great names feature below. 

So, my inspirational tips for baby names in 2017 and beyond, in no particular order: 


1. Celeste or Celine

2. Blanche - Pronounced Bl-ar-nche (French meaning "white")

3. Selma (a German name popular in Sweden and Denmark)

4. Nina (from the Polish name Janina)

5. Greta

6. Claudia

7. Lauren

8. Angelique (pronounced On-je-lique if you want to sound French!)

9. Elise or Elisa

10. Alexandria  (or variants of the name, such as Alexia)

11. Audrey


1. Sebastian 

2. Alexander

3. Dominique (boy or girl) or Dominic

4. Connor

5. Maxime

6.[watch this space...]

What are your favourites? We'd love to hear them. 

I know we'll get asked, because it's just so lovely, the personalised name cushion featured in the photo above was hand made by Piccolo Studio. They're based in Australia and post all over the world (just email first to check postage costs).

Alison x 

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