Autumn has begun - taking a moment to pause.


This is me collecting my thoughts as the season changes.

The children are settled back at school, and I suppose that la rentrée is now over. We are on the downhill roly-poly to Halloween, which is very exciting (especially if you are 3 or 4). And in-between, family life with 2 young children has been its usual bonkers busy-ness. Oh and I added a dog to the mix just over a week ago!! 

To be honest, I’m not very good at this popular movement of mindfulness, or generally taking life at a slow pace. I’ve never tried to meditate. I’ll look into all of that once my clone has arrived! I feel like i’m always running late, never manage to finish conversations, and have a to-do list the length of my arm.

So, when I saw my friend Sophie had done this below exercise on her blog, Tout Simple, of pausing for a moment and taking stock of where life is at. I thought, ooo that’s a nice idea - I wonder if I can fit that in. And true to form it has taken me a few days to actually get it finished!

So here we go. Call it cathartic for me, and for you - a little insight into what makes Five Little Stars tick.

Making : exciting progress on my Copywriting business, finally, now that the children are in school and we have all got into the swing of things (
Cooking : this sunday was roast chicken, roast potatoes, carrots, broccoli, sweetcorn and loads of gravy.
Drinking : black tea with one sweetener.
Reading: the new Cormoran Strike book - oh my it’s good.
Trawling: dog beds - I almost ordered an amazing Barbour one, then Margaux ate the car cushion so I think i’ll leave it a bit!
Wanting: some Dubarry boots for dog walking -totally unnecessary…or would they have better grip than my wellies, and so be safer, and therefore entirely necessary?
Looking: tired. I am not a morning person, and the early starts for the school run are tough.
Deciding: what to have for lunch. I think I am going to go for warmed goats cheese and salad stuffed in pita.
Wishing: I could see my sister who is 33 weeks pregnant, and give her a hug
Enjoying: dog walking every day. I’m loving being so active.
Waiting: for my new Arbonne eye gels to arrive - which I am hoping will make me look at least 5 years younger (i.e. pre children).
Liking: Tom Hardy. Isn’t he lovely.
Wondering: if the email I sent to a Copy Kate work prospect has been read yet.
Loving: our new house and living in the middle of the french countryside.
Pondering: why my skin is awful at the moment. It seems to have been breaking out like a teenager’s for the last few weeks.
Listening: to my music whilst I work.
Considering: how to take my 2 children to 2 birthday parties next weekend, in different locations, at the same time (flying solo - husband’s away). And so it begins.
Buying: all the materials for our new downstairs bathroom, due to be installed next month.
Watching: “Anne with an E” on Netflix - based on the Anne of Green Gables story.
Hoping: that my husband is feeling well again soon. He has self diagnosed “flu”.
Marvelling: at my son just spontaneously starting to spell/sound out words, and be able to read them.
Cringing: at the fact the dog just chewed my husbands work iphone cover. oops. I think i’ll keep it actually, it now has a kind of charm!
Needing: very little.
Smelling: again, very little. I have an appalling sense of smell.
Wearing: floral.
Noticing: birds. Mostly because the dog does, and stands on her hind legs to watch them fly. Both are amazing!
Knowing: me knowing you!
Trouble-shooting: why our new rescue dog keeps having accidents inside.
Opening: my desk draw to access my secret chocolate stash, for a sneaky lindt milk chocolate ball. yum.
Closing: the fridge door…. sometimes.
Feeling: the most content I have in ages.
Dreaming: of getting the fire lit. Chimneys being swept this Friday. Soon we can!
Hearing: the dog snoring.
Celebrating: normality.
Embracing: this new phase of my life. The kids being in school and properly working from home. It feels liberating.

As the season changes - how are you feeling?

Kate x