Christmas Kindness Advent Calendar Idea

I just wanted to share with you a little advent idea I had last night and have executed today in advance of advent starting tomorrow. Nothing like operating last minute hey! It’s something you can prepare super quick, but there’s nothing to say you can’t begin part way through advent either.

I am making our advent calendars this year “Christmas Kindness Advent Calendars”. This is for my 3.5 and nearly 5 year old, but I think we can do this for many years to come.

After the success of our Operation Christmas Child Christmas Boxes and all of the great conversations and interest they sparked, I think they will enjoy making advent a little deeper than just chocolate. But there will be chocolate too!!

We have the type of advent calendar where I can add a little something for each day. Ours are fabric, but I have seen box style ones as well. Usually I add a little chocolate, sweet, or a couple of stickers, something like that. This year, I am also going to add a little kindness idea. To get them thinking, to get us talking and to hopefully spread a little bit of Christmas kindness.

Advent calendars

Father Christmas will be sending our Elf on the Shelf elves tomorrow for the start of advent. And in our house the little advent gifts come from the elves. This year, so too will the kindness ideas.

I had a brainstorm of kind things they could do and typed them up. I then printed it out twice, cut them into little strips and have popped each one around the little chocolate in their advent calendar pocket. They are also getting a Hape marble run for Christmas as a special joint gift, and so there will also be a marble in each pocket too so they can collect them throughout this month

To give you some inspiration, here are some of the kindness notes that I have put in their advent calendar pockets:

Hold someone’s hand who is sad

Give someone a cuddle to make them feel happy

 Play with someone at playtime that you don’t normally play with

 Say Bonjour and Merci in French to someone

 Pick up some litter

 Help someone do a puzzle

 Say please and thank you

 Do good sharing

 Give mummy and daddy a kiss

 Think of something you can do to help mummy

 Do a 3 legged race around the garden

 Give the dog her food

 Give the cat his food

 Offer to make someone a drink

 Tell your teacher how wonderful they are

 Say a special thank you to the canteen ladies

 Show your brother lots of love today

 Show your sister lots of love today

 Tidy your bedroom

 Give mummy and daddy a special cuddle

 Think of something you can do to help daddy

Five Little Stars Elf on the Shelf

And of course, as our elves arrive tomorrow i’m going to need lots of fresh elf mischief inspiration.

Here are some of my ideas from previous years to help you out:

Five Little Stars Elf on the Shelf ideas

Kate x