French baby name ideas - girls and boys


With the new Prince Louis in the UK, never has naming your child with a french name been more classy and chic than now.


Some of these names are gloriously french. Of course a lot of these names are also familiar in English, but if you add a perfectly placed accent, or vary the spelling slightly, then immediately sophisticated, classy, exotic and romantic connotations are conjured whilst retaining familiarity. Vive la France!


It's funny how french names can sound unfamiliar and strange unless you live in France, but then quickly become familiar and beautiful if you do live here - so if you want a french name it is really worth keeping an open mind because something here may really surprise you. My favourite 2 french names at the moment - Jules and Capucine - were growers on me, but I just adore them, and they are fairly popular here and really normal!


Here are some ideas of french names, or names commonly found in France, for inspiration and ideas:


french Boys names

Amoury, Abel, Alexis, Arthur, Adrien, Adel, Antonin, Anatole, Achilles, Alban, Antoine, Augustin, Alexandre, Ambroise, Alberic, Aymeric

Baptiste, Benoit, Baptiste, Bastien

Clément, Côme, Christophe

Emmanuel, Émile, Ernest, Emilio, Eugène, Elliot, Enzo, Ethan, Édouard, Emeric

Fabien, Frédéric, François, Florian

Gabriel, Graça, Gabin, Guillaume, Gauthier, Gaspard, Grégoire, Gaétan, Georges, Grégory

Hugo, Hector, Henri

Jules, Julien, Jacques, Joachim, Jerome, Jean

Léon, Léo, Lucas, Loan, Louis, Luc, Leandre

Mathieu, Matthias, Mattias, Maxime, Maxence, Manoé, Matis, Matio, Medy, Mathis, Manu, Maël, Marius

Nathan, Noah


Pierrick, Philippe, Pierre

Rémy, Rémi, Raphaël, Ronan

Sebastien, Sebastian, Simon, Stéphane

Théo, Tao, Tristan, Tomas, Timeo, Timoté, Thibault, Theophane


Victor, Valentin, Valerian, Vincent, Virgile


Younès, Yann


french Girls names

Alice, Agathe, Adélaïde, Anaïs, Anais, Agnès, Amandine, Aurore, Axelle, Asthalie, Alix, Aurelia, Alizéa, Amélie, Azelis, Aude, Amance, Appoline, Albertine, Antonia

Blanche, Béatrice

Capucine, Céleste, Clémence, Charlotte, Clémentine, Camille, Chloé, Carolina, Cossette, Clélia, Corinne, Célia, Céline


Elodie, Esmée, Émilie, Emmanuelle, Éloïse, Elise, Elèonore, Eugénie, Estelle, Estée, Emma

Fabienne, Florence, Fleur, Faustine, Flore, Francoise

Gaelle, Gabrielle, Guillemette, Ghislaine, Garance, Giselle

Héloïse, Helene, Hippolyte, Honoré

Inès, Isaure

Josephine, Jeanne, Juliette, Justine

Karine, Katriane

Lucie, Lison, Louise, Lilou, Lilia, Loïc, Lou, Liya, Laure, Léonie, Laetitia, Léandre, Léa

Maelle, Maeva, Margaux, Méline, Manon, Marie, Mélodie, Morgane, Mélissa, Marie-Jeanne, Marie-Helene, Marie-Violaine, Marguerite, Marion, Martine, Mathilde, Maude, Madeleine, Mirabelle

Noémie, Nolwenn, Naya

Octave, Olympe, Odette, Océane, Océana, Olivia

Pierreine, Perrine, Paulette

Rosalie, Raphaëlle

Shirel, Stéphanie, Sophie, Sylvie, Sixtine, Susanne, Simone, Sophia, Stella

Thaïs, Téa

Valerie, Violette, Virginie, Victoire, Valérie, Valériane, Valentine, Victorine


Good Luck with your name search. If you love any of these here, or even better if you were inspired to use one, do comment below and let me know.

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Kate x