Turn your trainers into slip-ons! Genius! My review of Glydez lace replacements...

Every now and then while shopping for children's trainers, I find the perfect little pair and then discover they have laces! Why brands sell lace-ups for pre-schoolers I don't know! Children do have to start learning to tie their laces sometime...I get that. But there's another solution to this. I recently stumbled upon a simple product which turns lace-ups into no-ties. They are called Glydez...Alison x

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My review of the Bubblebum inflatable car booster travel seat

I've had to use a taxi a few times lately and unfortunately I've found myself without travel seats for the children. Last week I was forced to carry around their usual big and heavy ones because I just wasn't prepared! So I decided to test out the inflatable Bubblebum booster for travelling. And here's my verdict...Alison x

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