Baby Walker Review


My mother in law was keen to buy the boy a gift for his first Christmas, he had just started cruising and it was clear he needed wheels for walking and if this could combine some sort of activity, all the better. Most of my friends had the plastic v-tech baby walker. The kids seem to like it, for sure, it makes noise, it’s plastic…it just…it wasn’t for me… it lacks an aesthetic pleasure for a toy that was always going to be “on show”, and the music from my baby gym was still playing in my head when I had a shower… So, I knew what I didn’t want, and i’m a sucker for wooden toys…so my mission was set.


As an aside as an older child I had a little accident with one of those simple wooden carts with a metal handle that transports building blocks…it resulted in stitches in my face, my father doing the honours, and a little scar above my lip which I sport to this day. This was an unfortunate and simple accident, but it rather discounted this traditional style of baby walker from my radar.


Extensive research and review reading later, this is what I chose, the suggestion to Granny was sent, and in due course Father Christmas managed to get it down the chimney (after I had built it on Christmas eve!!!)…..


This musical walker hit the spot for me. Wooden, without being plain, and good quality. Provided the walking support function with music, shape sorting AND a little storage tray. Win Win Win. Lasted me 2 children, used inside the house, and outside and withstood good toddler roadtesting and bashing over 2 years. 

I give it 5 little stars.

Kate  x

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