Capturing a Moment in Time with a Professional Photographer (Elizabeth Linder Photography)

On our wedding day we had some really beautiful photographs taken that I always look back on wistfully, reminiscing about the days when we were a "two" (& my pre children figure!). Many of our friends had an engagement photo shoot, pregnancy photographs done, a newborn photo shoot... I liked the idea of all of these things and my friends have some beautiful keepsakes, but we just never got around to doing them. Pretty much all of my snaps are taken on my iPhone because that is what I always have to hand in the moment. This means I'm rarely in photographs unless they are selfies, and nice pictures of the four of us are seldom taken. 


When we moved to Paris I knew we would want to capture our time here with some professional photographs at some point. Paris is where we have completed our family, are having lots of adventures, met some wonderful people, and for me represents a very happy unique period of my life.


In early Autumn my friend Mhairi showed me some photographs she'd had taken with her boys on the Bir Hakeim bridge, with the Eiffel Tower in the background. They were special, looked really natural and she told me that her young boys had enjoyed the experience too. Even my husband was impressed, and so I keenly took her photographer recommendation, Elizabeth Linder Photography, and followed it up. 


From the moment I started emailing Liz I knew I wasn't going to need to look any further: I had a recommendation I trusted, knew other people who had also had photo shoots with her, was able to peruse her other photos on her Facebook page and trusted my instincts from her enthusiastic, professional and accommodating emails. She seemed entirely unphased by the ages of our children (2 and 1) which was encouraging. They were going to be the "wild card".


We set a date for early November and I sent Liz some information about us and what we were hoping for from the shoot and Liz sent me some tips for the day, what to wear, how to prepare, what to bring props wise etc. All that was left was to choose a location. Liz suggested several beautiful locations, like Park Monceau, which would have been lovely but I knew that if the Eiffel Tower didn't feature I would ultimately regret it. It's such an iconic landmark and still gives me a little thrill every single time I see it. But also, we live in the suburbs and love nature, so it felt right that we juxtapose the stunning city architecture with some greenery. So we decided to meet on Trocadero and walk down towards the tower from there. 


The Photoshoot.

It was a grey morning as we set off into Paris, and my heart sank a little bit with the fog. Would the Tower even be visible in the photos? I was worrying about nothing. When we met Liz the fog had lifted and she was delighted with the light and the colours of the morning. We spent an hour having the photos taken. We started right away, a few posed group shots to get us all used to each other, and then we ambled down the steps, through the park, the kids played with leaves and kicked a ball and I had brought some bubbles to entertain them. We even all went on the carousel at the end, which opened just in time. It was relaxed and easy and Liz was great at knowing when to move on with the kids and suggest different things to do/try. She has a calm, easy manner, and we were all very quickly relaxed in her presence. I was expecting we might get 20 minutes with the kids at their best, but we all genuinely had a really fun time throughout. I think this shows in the photographs. Liz knew when to call time, and she was right. 


The Photos.

We didn't have to wait long at all before we saw the morning's results. Liz sent me what still remains as my favourite photo later that same afternoon (the first one below). We were delighted! We received the rest of the photographs, as digital files to do as we wished with, later that week. The proof really is in the pudding with photographers, and so rather than describe how pleased we are with them, I will let them do the talking for me...



Photo Editing.

 Liz happily further edited and cropped a couple of the photographs to our request after we had received them all. I know she did some photoshop wizardry with one of my friend's photos too, so this is another skill she can apply if your photographs need tweaking. 


Photo Printing. 

I haven't printed any of the individual photographs out yet for the wall, but plan to do so in the new year, once the expense of Christmas is behind us. Maybe as a birthday present (hint hint husband!). I have used a selection to make our 2017 calendar though, and created a canvas collage (both just using an app on my phone). The photo's have all printed well. Liz has collaborated with a printers in Paris and has offered to help us arrange for some big prints encased in plexi glass, so we may well go with this option if the price is right, otherwise I have been looking at FNAC (this is a French shop with an online photo printing function) following a recommendation from a friend. I will provide an update once we have printed some big ones!


I am so glad that we did a family photoshoot with a professional photographer. Every time I look at these photographs I see the fun we had and my heart wants to burst for my little family. They perfectly capture for us a special stage in our life adventure, behind the snapshots I know there is a little girl who had recently become a walker, and a fast growing boy who is a fully fledged talker at last. And a whole lot of love. If you are considering doing the same, I urge you to do it. 


So if you live in Paris, or are visiting Paris, and fancy seizing the day and forever capturing some memories, why don't you get in touch with Elizabeth Linder Photography via Facebook or by email at Also more examples of her work are in this portfolio.

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