Is your battery running low? 3 accessories that will change your life


Just when you think they've invented it all, another helpful gadget or accessory comes along that changes your life. These simple little products have made such a difference to me. Go on treat yourself - or surprise your loved one with something a bit different.


1. A super fast charger for your phone


I never have enough charge on my phone or iPad. I'm always forgetting to plug them in overnight or I'm too impatient so they rarely get to full charge. On a usual day my phone is at 30% or less. Sound familiar? So my husband surprised me with a SUPER USB CHARGER. It really is suoer fast. The one he chose is the SYNCWIRE 4-port Quick Charger. It has four USB sockets so we can charge two phones and my iPad at the same time (using the same popular socket in the lounge!). My phone gets from 0% - 40% in an hour. Super speedy!


2. An extra long cable for your phone or device (2 metre)


I know, so simple right? Quite often I spend my life leaning half-stretched out of the bed or around a sofa leg as I try to read my device while it's plugged in. It's a wonder I haven't caused myself an injury (I'm sure plenty of people have!). I've always used the cables that have come with my devices but they are never long enough. Then my brother in law asked for a longer, stronger phone cable for Christmas. Why didn't I think of this? Genius!

I don't like to buy anything too cheap when it comes to electrical cables and while there are plenty of really cheap ones out there, I went for a middle-of-the road version with good reviews. The Apple Store sells branded ones for £29 which some people prefer.

We bought this instead:


3. Dry hair shampoo - the same colour as your hair!

I've never got on with dry shampoo, mostly because of the powdery white residue it leaves behind - not a good look, especially for people with brown hair like me. I was telling my hairdresser about this and he said, "why don't you just use one especially for brunettes?". Lightbulb moment! I don't normally buy things on the spot from Hair Salons but I thought I would give it a go...

He sold meLABEL.M BRUNETTE TEXTURISING VOLUME SPRAY for £13.95. The beauty of this dry shampoo is that it can also be used as a hairspray (but it's not as shiny and sticky as normal hair spray).  It lasts all day - possibly two- if you needed it to. This is not a sponsored review by the way. I just really love the product :-)

 I hope you've found this helpful. For more useful tips from Five Little Stars, check out our life&tips page.

Alison x

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