English Dream Cake for special occasions, celebrations & birthdays in Paris

We all know Paris is the City of Love and many visitors come here for special occasions but find it difficult to order a typical decorated celebration cake they might expect at home. English Dream Cake are now offering a luxury service with their stunning gluten free masterpieces, hand delivered to your hotel or home. And they asked us to have a taste test (how could we say no??). Enjoy! x Alison

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Do you love taking photos? Here's why you should buy a decent camera (I love my Canon Powershot G7X Mark II) and have photography lessons

Here is my practical review of the Canon Powershot G7X mark II camera: who I think it would suit, and why I think it's excellent. Also, I urge you to consider lessons to learn how to take fantastic photographs - I had some with Jérôme Aoustin. The proof is in the pudding... so this blog has many examples - Enjoy! Kate x

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Making a Den: TeePees, Tents, and Wigwams

Making and playing in "Dens" are an important part of a child's development...and they are so much fun! I have reviewed the Great Little Trading Company's top quality TeePee's, because I think they would make a great addition to any home. Kate x

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A Drum Kit for a Toddler - am I CRAZY?!

What musical instrument to buy for my nearly 3 year old, that would last many years and hopefully inspire a passion for music? A drum kit! Are we a little bit crazy?! Well, we have had it a few weeks now, there are no regrets and I highly recommend it. Kate x

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