13 Top Accessory Trends for this Spring Season 2018

You know what it's like in the mornings with the school run: the constant asking, encouraging, persuading, bribing... your children into their clothes and to just MOVE A LITTLE BIT QUICKER, is enough to make even the most patient of mothers tear their hair out. Usually getting yourself ready and presentable is at the very bottom of the list. BUT, even the smallest of little efforts can make you feel so much better about yourself, and make the biggest difference to YOU.


Freshening up your accessories for the new season, and a little planning the evening before, is the way to do this.

Knowing you are bang on trend will put that extra spring in your step. Trust me.


As winter is now behind us, it’s time to box up those scarves and gloves. The new season brings plenty of new ways in which you could (and should!) accessorise. Fashion is cyclical, so you’ll find plenty of past accessories you can pull out and revamp. Step into the seasonal sunshine - stylishly - when you wear these top 2018 spring accessories.



If you want to get ahead, get a hat! The cold weather may be receding, but hats are here to stay, rain or shine!. Spring designers have whipped up hats for every temperature, from baker boy to bucket hats and beyond. And when it gets really hot; fashion meets prudence, to protect your skin from those aging rays. Whether you’re heading to the city, coast or mountains, find a hat that suits you this season. 


Low-heeled Boots

In the warmer weather you can get out and about more, clocking up more steps in the spring sunshine (or running after excitable little ones). Stash those stilettos (!) and riding boots in favour of low-heeled ankle boots. These are a really practical trend, and look great with trousers, dresses and skirts. Pro tip: invest in a quality pair that can last you through summer and autumn too, as this trend is destined to stick around.

Spring low heeled boots

Earring or Ear Bling?

Answer: go bling or go home. Glitzy, shiny chandeliers are dominating the earring scene this spring. Try on one of these flashier accessory trends and watch heads turn as your strut by.


Oversized Hoops

If bling isn’t your thing, opt for oversized hoops earrings instead. Oversized hoops are much more muted than full on bling and can pair with nearly any outfit. We’re looking for statement jewellery, so go as big as you dare!


Baroque Drama

If you didn’t catch the theme, big and dramatic is the craze this season. Find grandiose jewellery laden with gemstones for a regal look. Big baroque earrings or symmetrical necklace sets can breathe an air of nobility into your appearance.


Belt Bags

We’re not talking about bum bags (if you're British!) or fanny packs (if you're American!) here - do you know of any other names?!. These unique bags are occupying a large space in street fashion thanks to their unusual aesthetic and practical appeal. They’re hands-free, blending both fashion and glamorous utilitarianism.


Stylish Sunnies

You can count on sunglasses for women to be a season-less trend; nonetheless we’re seeing retro silhouette styles emerging on the likes of Kendall Jenner and her squad of supermodels. Cat eye frames and micro glasses are the current trend, so try sporting these style of sunnies with your next ensemble.  

fashion sunglasses.jpg

Transparent Everything

Everything?.....! The designers’ thoughts are clear this year - literally. Everything has been seen (through!) toted down the runway; from shoes to handbags to sunglass frames, made with materials such as plastic and acrylic. Grab any transparent accessory to be in tune with this year’s trend.


Anklets Rejoice!

One of our favourite 90’s trends is back (but hold back on the jelly bracelets and henna, please). As you head outdoors this season, sport a stylish, colourful anklet containing charms or beads - they look great either barefoot or in sandals.


Jewel-Toned Velvet

As promised, velvet has recently been a recurring trend and this spring makes no exception. This season, velvet in shades of sapphire, ruby, and emerald are standing out and capturing hearts. Find any accessory in these shades and you’re destined to be on-trend as the material itself.


Patterned Prints

Instead of carefully co-ordinating prints and textures to match your neutral handbag, take the opposite approach this season. Wear a muted outfit paired with a colorfully bold bag that makes for a conversation piece in itself.


Platform Shoes

Feeling a bit bold? Boost your look (and height!) wearing some thick wedge healed shoes. From retro loafers to chic sandals, these chunky shoes are the perfect solution for anyone who wants a bit of height without the pain of high heels.


Socks and Sandals... No way? yup seriously!

Fishnets are yet another trend sticking around this spring - except shorter, in the form of ankle length socks. The breathable mesh will help keep you cool in the sun during these warmer days, so to be on point, grab a pair and sport them with tennis shoes or thin heels to make a statement. 


Dress to impress and accessorise this spring using these fashion forward trends.

With little effort, be the cool mum. 


Kate x


p.s. This is a collaborative post.