New Baby Paraphernalia

This is my list of the essentials, and some “nice to haves”, for your new baby. This is not the first time I have shared this list with family and friends and it has been met with gushing feedback. So, I hope you find it as useful as they did. I have given some details of the items I used, but some items have been left with less detail as they are worthy of a whole blog post on their own!

  • Nursery Furniture: Cot or Cotbed, Drawers/changing table, Wardrobe. You can get these from many different places but Ikea is a great option for quality, good design at competitive prices.


  • Mattress and mattress protector - highly recommend: KATY® Superior Deluxe Spring Cot Bed-Junior Bed Sprung Mattress (140x70 is the cotbed size)  & we have used the Hippychick Tencel Fitted Mattress Protectors for all beds we have or have had (cot, cotbed and now single bed) - non sweaty, silent and does the job of protecting the mattress).
  •          Nursery Chair of some sort with arms. 3 years of daily use our Ikea Jennylund armchair is wearing incredibly well.


  • Moses basket, stand & Mattress. These don’t really vary much, and you can get second hand ones as they don’t get much use, or borrow from a friend, but do buy a new mattress.


  • Sheets for: moses basket, travel cot if you have one, pram if needed, and cot/cotbed. I bought all of these from UK supermarkets as they are good quality and at a sensible price.


  • Bath - Either don’t get a baby bath, or I wouldn’t advise spending much on this or get second hand/borrow.  Second time around I used the sink for the first few washes and then the very cool Beaba bath support which was much much easier than a “baby bath”
  • Sterilizer - I think that the Tommee Tippee steriliser starter kit is good value for money and I was pleased with the design and functionality of everything we had from it. Sometimes Milton Sterilising Tablets are more convenient though, I used these if away for a weekend or on holidays.
  • Baby Monitor


  • Disposable bed pads for protecting your mattress for labour and in hospital (can double up as change mats after, for young guests staying and if you have some left they are useful for your toddler years too! I have several packets of these from Boots in the cupboard)


  •  Sleep bras (useful for late preg & at night after baby) - good for support, but also to put pads in when you leak in the night!!!! I highly recommend the Emma Jane seamless nursing Bra’s. I had 3 of these (one used with my breast pump later on) 
  • Pram/travel system


  • Car seat - Maxi cosi, compatible with an Isofix base. Do you need a Maxicosi rain cover? For me the jury is out on how much you need this. I am a fair weather person and so frankly if it was raining we were never far enough from cover or the car to make this necessary.


  • Carrier - I love my Ergo 360, but I have not been a big sling/carrier experimenter. I had a Baby Bjorn with my son but he was getting heavy and uncomfortable in it by 9 months, but also by which point I was pregnant again, and for my daughter I got the Ergo and still use it for her now at nearly 18 months. 
  •  Electric breast pump. No question for me - Medela are the best. I disliked pumping but did it and had the Medela Freestyle and it was worth the money (despite being very expensive). Don’t waste your money buying a special bra for it, cut holes for the funnels in one of your “Emma Jane” sleep bras that you wore during pregnancy! 


  •  Plug in night light (with motion sensor?)  - for when baby is in their own room and you have to make your way down the corridor and back in the middle of the night. If you can do this and feed without turning on a big light and therefore hopefully staying in a state of semi asleep, you are more likely to nod back off again more quickly afterwards. A small thing, but can be very handy.


  • White baby grows - because babies look so lovely in white! Mothercare do multipacks of a great toweling material one. My ones lasted me 2 babies.


  •  Vests Long and Short sleeve (the H&M wrap round ones which popper at the front are very good when baby is tiny as you don’t have to wrestle getting the vest over the baby’s head, or I buy white supermarket vests)


  • Swaddles x 2 (if you want to swaddle) Summer infant swaddles are lovely and so easy to use. 
  • GroBags baby sleeping bags x 2, 0-6 month ones to start with for once you have finished swaddling (inc one travel one - v handy).
  • Muslin cloths. Lots! I adore the aden and anais muzy’s, they are so beautiful, and they do a supersized one which is very versatile as it can be used to breast feed under, as a play mat, picnic blanket… great to ask for people as gifts as they are on the pricey side.
  • Cellular Blanket (blanket with holes in) - these were really good
  • Baby gym/mat - I had the Fisherprice Rainforest Gym. You will hear the music repeating in your head even when it isn’t on, but you will love it as it will enable you to grab a shower, cup of tea, eat some lunch, go to the toilet…you know those luxurious things when you are a new parent. 
  • Changing mat x 2 at least (I have 3 in the house: nursery, downstairs, bathroom). On this point, with each change mat, set up a “change station” - a small basket next to each mat which contains nappies for a few days, a packet of wipes, nappy bags, and bottom cream. Also for when your baby is a little older, a small hand held toy you can give to him/her to distract him whilst you to the job.


  • Skip Hop Nappy Roll - Mine has been used every day for nearly 3 years now... If you only buy one thing from this list, make it this! 
  • Dummies - These aren't for everyone, but if you think you will use a dummy I really liked the Philips Avent ones. Also the Boogin Head dummy lanyard's are super handy as they look nice, and reliably stay clipped onto whatever. Check out the latest SIDS advice on putting babies to sleep with a dummy as it may reduce the risks (this is why I got some).


  • Baby Chair (maybe a Bumbo for later - my two didn’t like these but most babies do)


  • Dreamgenii pillow & cover (good for pregnancy sleep and feeding pillow after, and tummy time for baby support!) 
  • Changing Bag - There are so many to choose from and it is a really personal choice. I have had several different ones. My advice, spoil yourself - at the end of the day it is your glorified handbag - this one is for you!!


  • Nursing bras - get measured (I didn’t and have 3 bras that are massive)


  • Breast pads- Lansinoh ones are the very best (tried and tested!) 


  • Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple cream - good as a lip balm too!
  • Nipple shields - Medula.  Oh how I loved these and I'm so glad my wise best friend told me to advance purchase some as I utterly relied on them for the first few weeks, because breast feeding can be very painful and my first baby simply wouldn't latch. They should give them out to new mums in hospital. And if anyone tells you not to use as they can cause nipple confusion...nonsense in my opinion! If it wasn't for these, I wouldn't have been able to breast feed. Other friends used them just occasionally when they were feeling sore, to give some relief. They come in different sizes, so remember to check what size you need. 
  • Maternity pads- thickest you can buy, and more than you think you need Naty Organic ones are good.


  • Feeding cover. The ones by Bebe Au Lait are both attractive and functional. 
  • Baby wipes- bulk!!!!!!! Everyone finds their favourite brand, there are lots of great ones on the market to choose from. Water wipes are really good for when newborn. Or just use cloth/cotton wool and water - but a faff. Or Cheeky Wipes…..see next! Yes Water wipes are a bit pricey, but when you are out and about, in the early days, you cant been their convenience and kindness on the skin.


  • Cheeky wipes for bath and when weening they are fab face wipes! (sometimes wet wipes can make their face sore if used regularly). I still use these multiple times every day with my nearly 3 year old, and I cant see them leaving my kitchen for many years to come.  
  • Nappies  - for me, for newborns, soft, absorbent and (as) reliable (as can be expected when you are dealing with pre solid foods poo)- only Pampers would do. After the initial months, I went with cheaper options. Scented nappy bags


  • Bath thermometer - We had a fun duck one: TensCare Digi Duckling digital water thermometer 
  • Baby thermometer - Not something to skimp on. My sister is a GP and she recommended an ear recording I got a Braun Thermoscan ear thermometer.


  • NoseFridaFreida Nasal aspirator aka snot sucker - the thought will repulse you but you will learn to love this nifty device and use it loads! 
  • Medicines. All available in Boots: Calpol/Baby Ibuprofen, Bonjella, “snuffle babe’, Infacol/Gripe water


  • Travel cot


  • Snoozeshade - awesome essential, fits the car seat, the pushchair. Gives baby "black out" darkness and so enables you to be out and about when baby is sleeping.
  • The GroCompany GroAnywhere Blackout Blind - you may use this at home, you’ll certainly use it when away, its great. 


And last, but not least, some clothes for your new little one.


Kate  x


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