Big Jigs Review: Traditional Wooden Coat Hooks & Musical Instruments

In the absence of instructions (that have to be repeated, constantly) my two toddlers would come home after a day out and leave their bag, coat and shoes behind them like a trail of breadcrumbs across the kitchen and living room. My husband is one of those rare people who never seems to get stressed, but I know he craves tidiness and order above most things. I once asked him to give me an example of a time when he has felt stressed in the previous years, so I knew what he looked like in this scenario. He said he felt the most stress when the house was really untidy… Living with toddlers (and at times me!) is tough on him.


Magic Fairy Wings to the rescue!!!


Big Jigs Traditional wooden Coat Hooks

As a little gift, the children were kindly sent some gorgeous traditional wooden Big Jigs Coat Hooks to test out and see what we all thought of them. My hope was that they would help me bring some order (and cuteness) to the corner of the utility room where their bags and shoes are kept. It had turned into a bit of a dumping ground unfortunately. 



Not only are these Big Jigs Coat Hooks practical, each with 3 pegs for hanging, they really are lovely designs that we all really like too. The girl has the Fairy Coat Hook, which she keeps running over to and pointing at in delight! The boy has the Pirate Coat Hook, which he is very pleased with, mostly because he loves the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney.  Both of them made me really smile because the Fairy has red hair and the Pirate has a red beard - particularly fitting for my little ones. 



What makes these Big Jigs Coat Hooks a little bit different, and a highlight for me, is the blackboard top section on which I can write little messages, for the children or for myself. I have had some fun with this already: making a list of things they need to remember, or a little rhyme.


Most importantly, for their primary purpose (namely, hanging stuff up!), the children are both keen to use them - yippee! So far since they have been installed they have been hanging up their bags and coats without being asked. Fingers and toes crossed the novelty remains.



These BigJigs Coat Hooks are good quality and seem to be strong and sturdily made. Because it's a board hung on screws from the top, the bottom can lift slightly away from the wall when a heavier bag is put on, but this hasn't bothered me, and would be easily solved with a sticky pad underneath if you wanted. I was pleased to note that each hanging hook is nailed onto the mounting board so they should be robust and continue to have no trouble with the weight of toddler bags.


These Big Jigs Coat Hooks cost £7.99 each from Magic Fairy Wings, which I think is really good value for money for the quality and appearance. 


Big Jigs Musical Instruments


Magic Fairy Wings also wanted to support the free music class that I run, and so really kindly sent us some Big Jigs Wooden Instruments for it and the little ones to try out. We were sent a pair of the Bear Animal Maracas (they have cute smiley faces on the ends which made me chuckle, and cost £4.99), a Snazzy Hand Bell (£2.99) , and a Snazzy Bell Stick (£4.99). I was really very impressed with the quality of them all, even more so considering the prices. The bright colours are very eye catching, and they seem robust and well designed.



Take it from me, from bitter experience: really cheap wooden instruments (from places like eBay that takes weeks to arrive) ...end up quickly in the bin. These toys for little ones need to be safe. You can trust the Big Jigs quality, because you have peace of mind that they comply with all relevant European safety standards.



These are great additions to the bag of musical instruments which travel around the outer Western Suburbs of Paris each week for the music group. They will undoubtedly continue to be put to the most rigorous of testing as well by the babies and toddlers (and sometimes older siblings) who attend. They have easily survived their first few hours of use. The new musical additions were instantly popular in the group and even the youngest of our members, at a few months old, enjoyed a little shake (with supervision)! Having seen how they fared and knowing the quality that is required of them, I have every confidence these instruments will be bringing music to our ears for a long time to come. If you are interested in setting up your own local free music group, you can read more about how to here.


For 10% off your Magic Fairy Wings shopping basket don't forget to use our code FLS001. 


Kate x



p.s. Magic Fairy Wings sent me these products to test in return for my honest review. All my opinions are, as always, my own. This review contains affiliate links. 

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