Bird-Rose : a wonderful blend of science and beauty, creating the perfect unique gift.

Bird Rose Yellow

The well known UK advertising campaign inspires us to  “say it with flowers”. And we should. For love, for sorrow, for apologies, for thanks… or just because.

And of all the flowers we could gift - I think a rose is the most special. Forever synonymous with romance; but also elegance, and sophistication. There is no greater floral gift.


It is true, people have been giving the gift of flowers for hundreds of years. Even in the stories and myths of the Ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and the Chinese, the use of flowers appears. It has been a significant part of culture since the middle ages. Popularity increased in the mid 1700’s when the French and English were visiting Turkey. There they discovered an entire language of flowers which gave meanings to different flower types and this inspired the Victorians, who often found the expression of emotion difficult. Flowers enabled an acceptable form of expression without needing to say a word.


Did you know that the language of flowers even has a name: Floriography.


Floral traditions are ever evolving. Where once it would have been inappropriate for a woman to gift a man flowers, today it is not out of the ordinary. Technology and science gifts us seasonal flowers all year round. And internet florists enable delivery to almost anywhere in the world.


But how long do normal bunches of cut flowers last though? A week or two, perhaps. During that time, you enjoy their beauty and smell. But then you are left with dead flowers to discard. The sentiment is gone. And yet often the feelings of the gifter, and the message they wanted to give, remain. So how in this modern world can we ensure that our message (like our feelings) endures?


…With a wonderful blend of science and beauty: Bird-Rose has the answer.


Bird-Rose yellow roses

You can buy a rose or a case of roses from Bird-Rose that can last for many years. Their delicate beauty appears to be almost frozen in time. It’s seems a bit magical really - although I’m sure it’s more science (but that notion is a little less romantic!). How Bird-Rose achieve this is shrouded in secrecy - which adds all the more to their allure, I think.


When I first heard of them I was enchanted. What a lovely idea. I could send a rose to our friends as a wedding present, mirroring the colours from their wedding, that they could cherish. I could gift one to a friend who did a kind thing for my sister - and every time she looks at it she will remember the happiness she created. A thank you gift for teachers, a Christmas or birthday present. And who says you have to give them away, in fact you shouldn’t - treat yourself and your house, and all your visitors!

And when my sister had a baby and called her Rose - well what else could I buy her?! 


I think what I love most about these everlasting roses from Bird-Rose in particular, is how stylishly they are presented. They look luxurious as well. I have seen other everlasting roses on the internet, and the way those ones are displayed is, well, a bit tacky. Not so with these roses from Bird-Rose. They are sophisticated. I think they would fit in with modern or traditional decor too. It’s a very clever design.


I have bought several single Bird-Rose roses as gifts so far; in red, yellow and coral. They are all beautiful. They make such a perfect present and I am sure I will be buying more!

I have treated my house to a 6 rose box for myself. I chose yellow because it is my favourite colour. They are so cheerful and uplifting, and look beautiful in our snug. Because I have a new niece called Rose, and I sent her a Bird-Rose rose at the same time as getting mine, it will also remind me of her every time I see them. What a lovely connection. I want more, every room needs at least one!! 


These beautiful flowers are born, cultivated and preserved in Ecuador, and are carefully selected to ensure long lasting quality. They are said to last for at least a year, but the Bird-Rose founder still has one of her first roses which is now nearly 5 years old! Environment is key - too much sun, humidity, or dryness is bad for them. I am going to look after mine as best I can, and am looking forward to enjoying them for a long time to come.


Bird-Rose are international: They deliver all over Europe, America and Canada. I was really impressed with the careful packaging, and my rose order to France was well protected. I have also ordered them as gifts to the UK and I am told they have arrived safely there too.

As an example a single rose in an enclosed perspex display box as seen above costs £32.20 (UK) or €35.50 (France), and a six rose display case costs £103.80 (UK) or €115 (France). The shop on the website switches between countries/languages for your convenience. You can also buy them on Amazon. Here is the link on Amazon France.

 So, if you are looking for a gift that is different and exquisite, you really should consider Bird-Rose: I’m so excited to share them with you because I love them!

Bird-Rose yellow roses

Kate x

P.s. I have ordered and paid for several Bird-Rose roses as gifts for family and friends, all received with gushing thanks. Just to let you know, in return for this review, I was gifted the yellow 6 box of roses - which I adore!