Book Review: "The Girl Who Saved Christmas", by William Thach -we give it 5 Little Christmas Stars.


Until today we only had one Christmas themed book in our house, and I have been reading it to the children these last few weeks in the build up to Christmas. It was the copy I had a child and my mum has loaned it to me for this Christmas. The book we already have is the traditional "The Night before Christmas" story/poem by Clement Clarke Moore, first published in 1823. For me it is nostalgic and I love it, but the pictures and language are quite old fashioned, and the boy keeps asking me what a kerchief is, and why Father Christmas was smoking a pipe!


The author William Thach sent us some copies of his Christmas Book, "The Girl Who Saved Christmas". They arrived today, collected from the post box just in time to read to the boy (nearly 3) and the girl (18 months) before bedtime this evening. It is a pleasurable experience to own and read a physically beautiful book, and what a special book this one is. With its tactile red velvet cover that my little ones keep stroking, gold edges to the pages, and a little clasp that makes it feel like it's contents are a secret diary. And of course the subject matter is somewhat magical, it all enhances the charm and it is like no other book on our book shelf.



Story time, just before bed, is one of my favourite times of the day with my babies. It is a part of their routine, and always has been. They have a knee each and snuggle in, drinking their milk and contentedly listening to my, or their daddy's, every word IF the book is one that captures their imagination. This evening it was a delight to watch my husband read this book to our babies. They seemed to love the beautiful illustrations and adored the main characters: a little girl called Molly, her mouse friend Mr Nibbles, and of course Santa. I look forward to reading it to them again tomorrow evening, and again, and again...


I won't give away the whole story because you should buy a copy! But the plot is essentially about one Christmas when all the children in the world were bad - except one... a little girl called Molly, who took on the important task of saving the holiday by reminding Santa of the meaning of Christmas. Adorable and refreshing.


A little thank you from me to Will Thach for the reference to the naughty "Pio in Rio who stayed up all night", I think this will assist my continual toddler quest for a prompt bedtime! But the boy thought it was hilarious that "Shurma in Burma fed worms to his brother"... so I hope he doesn't get any ideas with his little sister!!


This book will definitely be one that I will look forward to reading each year, and maybe (just as my mum passed my book to me) it is one that I will pass down to them to read to their children (or I will keep it myself to read to grandchildren...what a surreal thought!).


To find out more, visit where there is a little video about the book, and the link if you wish to make a purchase from


To all of our readers, I hope you have a wonderful festive period and enjoy this special family time.

And to the younger ones, remember to be good like Molly if you are waiting for a visit from Father Christmas in only 4 more sleeps...!


Kate x