Gorgeous retro prints and I finally finished my daughter's baby album! My review of Cheerz online printing service

It's only taken me 4 years but I have finally got around to making an album of my daughter's birth photos! Why bother? After all of this time? Well, I made one for her older brother so it was only fair.

Digital photos tend to get filed away on a cloud somewhere and it's just not the same as having an actual physical album to flip through!

I used the company Cheerz for the job and I was really impressed with how easy the album was to make, how stylish the fonts and colours were and the quality of the final product which arrived in just a few days.

I also love the fact that I didn't have to make too many choices because I can easily get bogged down in "creating" a masterpiece. The fact is, I just needed to get on with this!

You can tell straight away, when you enter the website, that these albums are designed by cool people and anything you choose will be lovely. It gave me confidence to just go for it - finally.

The colours are all nice. I went for a dusty pink and I kept the suggested font.

You have a few choices of page layouts, but not too many, which is good because it makes the decisions easier. The full-frame pages are lovely but I really like all of the layouts so I used a variety for my daughter's album.

I chose the Square Album (20cm x 20cm) which has 24 pages. It has a strong cover and the pages themselves are good quality and printed on thick photo paper.

The website warned me that 2 of my photos were low quality but I took a risk and included them anyway. They were OK actually but I appreciated the heads up.

I like the fact you can add text to some pages to tell a story. I'm planning to give this album to my daughter for her 4th birthday. She'll love it.

Something I wasn't expecting: the inside of the back and front covers have a bonus montage of all of your photos. Nice touch!


I also ordered some retro prints which are fantastic! I went for the big size (12×15cm). You need to order a minimum of 10 photos but they are inexpensive.

You can connect with Facebook, Instagram or Google to upload a photo. I've never done anything like this before but it was so simple - literally a couple of clicks. I had to allow Cheerz to access my Instagram album and the photos could be directly uploaded.

Photos I lifted from our Instagram!

Photos I lifted from our Instagram!

I chose a set of "vintage" colours which I adore. I plan to buy some wire and little clips to hang them up on a wall. It will look so cute!

Adding the text to the prints was fun too. There is a character limit so I kept it simple with words like "Happiness", "Freedom" and "Best day ever". I enjoyed trying to think of the titles.

Overall it's a really informal and user-friendly site (and app) which made me laugh a few times. When you upload a photo, it comes up with little messages and silly jokes while you wait and when successful, it tells you if the picture quality is good enough. Such as, "yup, that one is fine to print" and, "Whoa! Your photos are really lovely!".

I was given these products for the purpose of an honest review but I will be using their printing services again because it was low fuss and good quality - exactly what I need in my life right now :-) They do a photo framing service too which is always handy!


x Alison

One of my favourite photos taken by Kate and uploaded from Five Little Stars' Instagram.

One of my favourite photos taken by Kate and uploaded from Five Little Stars' Instagram.

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