9 Simple Steps to Create a Logo: with Logo Joy

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If you have a plan to set up a business, first you need a name, and then you need a Logo. A logo instantly gives your business an image, and is a key element to creating your brand.

There are quite a few options on the internet, but I want to tell you about one I have used and like www.logojoy.com


If you are like me and not even remotely graphically or artistically minded then you'll need some help.

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It is extremely simply to use their website and you can have a professional and customised logo quickly. 

1. First you select some logos that they have previously made for other businesses. This helps Logo Joy define your style, and image.


2. Then you choose a colour swatch - each colour has the mood/psychology to help you choose.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 10.27.38.png


3. Next you need to input your Name and Slogan - the shorter and snappier this is the better. I decided to try one for Five Little Stars, so we already have these established. 


4. Then you can search and add up to 5 symbols options. You can search for different ones by category, so relevant ones to suit your business will come up. I experimented with several different options, both for my Copy Kate copywriting business and also for Five Little Stars. To find the one I ultimately used, as Five Little Stars is a business that is all about family, I searched with "family".

Logo joy search symbols

5. After this Logo Joy generates some sample logos for you.

This is the point when you need to sign in and create an account, but there is no charge until the end. And I got a cute email welcoming me to the "Joy Squad!". This made me smile - they have a good copywriter at Logo Joy :o) .

logo joy generated logos

6. Then you can get creative with your favourite option. Of course you don't have to, you may love the sample provided by Logo Joy. But if you do want to you can see different pictures, fonts, colours, positioning, and more. It really is very flexible. This is the preview of my final design:

logo FLS Logo Joy

7. Finally, it shows you just how cool your logo could look in different places - here are some of the examples. This was quite inspiring - just imagine Five Little Stars on a big advertising board. My dream!


8. And then of course you need to pay. I was gifted the Premium option so I could do this review. Here are the levels of options you can choose and what you get for each one:

Logo Joy prices

9. Then you simply download your logo. I received my logo from Logo Joy in several different file types and design variations which is really useful.


The process from start to finish was really straightforward and intuitive, and I am impressed with my clean and professional looking logo.

Why don't you give Logo Joy a try.

Logo Joy Logo

Kate x

P.s. Five Little Stars teamed up with Logo Joy to do a review of their logo package and service. All opinions are, as always, honest and my own