"Despicable Me" Kids Dining Set Review from Arthur Price

When the lovely folk from, the family-owned business, Arthur Price asked us to review their new Minion dining set to celebrate Despicable Me 3 coming out in the cinemas, I had a very excited 3 year old. We love Minions!!


You can tell that Arthur Price have been having lots of fun promoting their new Minions range. We can see why. Here's an example: In anticipation they sent us some homework. A collection of words translated into Minion, "that old famous old ancient language"! 


When the Dining set arrived we were all very impressed. The quality is superb, and it's so bright and fun that my son wanted to use it right away. Who can resist Kevin, Stuart and Bob - those cute, crazy, mischievous little Minions? Not us!


As the bowl, plate and mug are made of bone china my son feels like a big boy having them, and has reached the stage where he can be trusted with breakable items. And he likes to sit and have a (decaf!) cup of tea and pain au chocolat with mummy: the epitome of being a proper grown up in his eyes (if only!). You can buy these as a set like below, or as a 2 piece set, or individually, starting from £8.95.



The cutlery came in a lovely presentation box. Its design is also noteworthy as size wise it's been well thought out for a young diner's grip. The fork is curved, a bit like a "spork" (pretty sure the Minions would like that one!) which is good for toddler spiking and scooping of yummy grub. To give you relatable size comparisons, in our experience the big spoon and little spoon are, respectively, in perfect cereal and yoghurt proportions for small hands and mouths. It is made of "18/10 finest stainless steel"  and has a 15 year guarantee. There are two four-piece sets, retailing at £24.95 each - the "Sea of Minions" and "Expressions" collections.


And I can attest to the quality and durability of the cutlery as a year or so ago we were gifted a different Arthur Price set. They have withstood the toddler test, having been dropped onto our hard stone floor without occasioning any damage countless times, and have been used and put through the dishwasher daily without ill effect.


You could spend less and get lower quality cutlery, however, what you miss out on are particularly lovely items that will really last. We have a drawer in the kitchen with a small varied collection for the children, as I suspect most people do. I always reach for these items in preference to the others because, for example, I know that the poorly thought out depth or shape of the other spoons will mean cereal or yoghurt is less likely to make it cleanly from bowl to little mouth. And as well as helping to enthuse children to eat, the design (in the shape and the weighting/balance) will also encourage autonomy in your little people, which is so important. In short, they are worth it.


Arthur Price sent us a copy of their most recent catalogue too. As well as containing lots of lovely adult dining sets and accessories, there are more delightful designs in their children's range too, which you can see in the photo below. I particularly like the look of the Gruffalo ones, as we are big fans of these Julia Donaldson books. 


These Arthur Price sets would make great gifts for children. Indeed my own mother still has the cutlery I had when I was little (which I vividly remember) and now all the grandchildren use it when they visit. I dare say the great-grandchildren will too. Items of this quality endure.

They are available to buy now online at www.arthurprice.com, or you can get them via Amazon (links below). 

Muak Muak Muak 

Kate x

P.S. We were sent us this Minion Dining Set for the purposes of a review. As always, we only review on Five Little Stars products we like and would use ourselves, and only my honest opinions are set out above. Affiliate links also above for your shopping convenience. 


P.P.S I found this interesting blog post that you may enjoy explaining the "origins", or explanation, of Minion language!! And for a little bit of fun, I even found a Minion Translator online... http://minionstranslator.com/

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