"My Name Tags" Clothes Labels Review

Between us we have four children aged 5 and under, all of whom go to school, pre-school or creche (nursery) at least some of the week. Alison's two children have school uniforms, and Kate's wear their normal clothes, but yet it makes not a shred of difference to the universal truth....sometimes clothes that children wear to school have a tendancy to go walkies. Some may be seen again swiftly, some may be located weeks or months later, but some are simply lost for eternity (presumably they end up in the same place as the missing odd socks that never emerge from the wash....).


Our mothers used to undertake the time-consuming and pain staking task of sewing fabric labels into our clothes to ensure that whatever may happen they should find their way back to us. Clothes that undoubtedly we would quickly grow out of and then the chore would have to commence all over again with the replacements. 


.....what is important to each and every one of us? TIME!


Alison had been acutely conscious of this whilst she had been repeating history, writing with pen on fabric labels and then sewing them in. Kate had previously bought a different brand of sticker name tags, they were functional but somewhat boring; just a white background and the names in black print. Her supplies had run out and so not everything was labelled. Whilst not a big problem at her son's small pre-school, one or two items of un-stickered clothes had gone astray at her daughter's big creche recently (where the name in Biro on the label had washed away quickly).  


When the international company "My Name Tags" came to the rescue and offered to send us some stick on name labels for the children's clothes, we jumped at the chance to try them out. Not only were they giving us the stickers, but they were also giving Alison the gift of an evening! Stickers would literally take seconds to apply.


The order process was simple, and the website intuitive to use to get creative. We let the children have complete freedom to choose their own pictures (although you can have ones without a logo if you prefer). The boys chose what they were each passionate about, trains and bikes - and these came from the design your own section of the website, where you can have fun choosing colours, backgrounds and fonts. The girls were both separately seduced by the cute pre-designed Little Miss and Hello Kitty sticker name tags! 


The stickers arrived in France one week after the order had been placed, in a normal envelope that fits through the letterbox, and in both of our households there were little excited faces when they saw the designs. They are so cute and, probably more importantly, eye catching!



We have put these labels onto the children's clothes (on the labels not the fabric, as the instructions explain), shoes, and also onto things like their beakers and lunch bags. We have tested them out by washing at 40 degrees (at least 24 hours after having been applied), and also they have been put through the dishwasher (stuck onto a beaker) and they stayed firmly put!


We would highly recommend these sticker name labels from My Name Tags. Not least for the fun and bright designs, but also for the ease of application. And we aren't the only people who give them a thumbs up, they have won awards too. But perhaps most importantly of all, the kids think they are brilliant and want to show them off to their friends at school!




Each design comes on a sheet of 56 Name Tags and costs £11.95 (€16.95) for the logo ones, or £13.95 (€18.95) for the character ones. Postage in the UK is £1. 


My Name Tags are international - just like our Five Little Star readers are! They have websites for England, Ireland, France, Italy, Netherlands and Belgium.... They also deliver worldwide at no extra cost. 


If you think your friends would like these name stickers, don't forget you can share this review, with the little tabs just above the comments box, and give them the gift of time as well!


Kate & Alison x


P.s. We were sent these name tag stickers by My Name Tags for the purposes of a review, however we have provided our own honest opinion of them for you.


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