Do you love Social Media? Why do I love Facebook?: "My Social Book" Review

"My name is Kate and I am addicted to Facebook"


...However, since becoming a blogger this has definite advantages! 


Why do I love Facebook?

I love Facebook, and social media generally, for its ability to keep me connected with my family and friends all over the world. Many of whom I might otherwise have lost touch with. It gives me an ever present support network of friends to talk with and reach out to. Staying at home with the children might mean I am "alone" a lot of the time (albeit with them...always!), but thanks to Facebook, I never need to feel lonely. 


But Facebook does not just offer me this social side. I follow Pages like the BBC and other news resources and so current affairs and stories pop up on my news feed. I follow craft, educational and cooking Pages (usually connected to other blogs) and every day I'm saving and book marking ideas for me and my family. Not to mention using it for my business purposes: groups designed to aid me with the world of blogging and freelance writing. It is a wealth of resource which, if used correctly, is life changing and inspiring. extension of my hand sometimes... 😬 extension of my hand sometimes... 😬 

However, I should probably ween myself off Facebook a bit, or have a break every now and then. My phone, or iPad or laptop seems to be always in reach. Does someone need to stage an intervention? (my husband would be first in the queue!) But then again, without it, I really do think I would miss it.


When I look back over my own Facebook page, from years ago (I have been using it for 10 years now!), I can see how I use it has really changed. I have increasingly used my personal Facebook in recent times, especially since I moved away from the UK on a temporary basis, like an online diary. I post photos and things we have been doing for friends and family to see. I do this because I like to see when my friends do the same, and it helps me feel connected with them and the ever rapid growing up of their children.


I enjoy engaging with friends on their Facebook online when they have chosen to share something in that forum; to give them a little thumbs up, or send some love or sympathy. Of course, nothing beats a FaceTime/Skype catch up, or a good old fashioned natter on the telephone. When I can't be with these people I care about, and am interested in, it feels like the next best thing. I like the real and supportive sense of community that Facebook has created too with: Mums' groups I am in (where I have met some wonderful people), Pages that I follow of other digital influencers, and my friends that I chat to in Facebook Messenger every day.

Memories from the "Colour Run" with my friend here in Paris, who I met through the superb Facebook Group that she runs "English Speaking Mums Living in Paris".

Memories from the "Colour Run" with my friend here in Paris, who I met through the superb Facebook Group that she runs "English Speaking Mums Living in Paris".

I don’t share negative things on my Facebook, and rarely political, for me that’s not what Facebook is for. It provides me with a vehicle for a nostalgic journey through my adventures and memories, and reminds me of people who have been there throughout, and some at certain times. 


Sometimes I get this little niggling worry...what if Facebook ends? Will it be around for as long as I am? Longer? How can I preserve this online diary that I have created? Some of my Facebook and Instagram memories and interactions with friends aren't anywhere else. Facebook has saved me at times when photographs might otherwise have been lost: thanks iPhone for dying on me, and my not having backed up onto the cloud - so goodbye photos of Christmas and my son's birthday celebrations...? But no! The selection of the best ones were all uploaded into my Facebook Album!


There is a really good answer to this little conundrum.... 



.... My Social Book! This is a website which can create you a photo book, with a difference. Perhaps it is more accurate to describe it as a memory book. It's quite unlike anything else I've seen before! 


My Social Book is like having an album of your Facebook and Instagram posts and photographs and comments immortalised in diary form. I recently made one for the last calendar year and it was really very easy to put together. I could customise the cover, the content and various features, like a photo montage of my most liked photos. There are a choice of covers and internal page finishes: I chose a hard cover for durability. I also chose a yellow theme, as that's my favourite colour! I didn't change the internal content because there is so much, and it seemed like a big task to check a whole years' worth of posts item by item. So I just trusted the site would lay it out nicely. It all came out well and I'm glad I have this book to store my memories. I've flicked through it many times with a cup of tea and smiling. 

If you have posted a video, My Social Book prints a scannable link to access it. 

If you have posted a video, My Social Book prints a scannable link to access it. 

It has to be said I am a little disappointed with the cover photo as it is slightly blurred (I chose to have it full page A4) and can only assume that the quality of that particular uploaded picture of mine wasn't sufficient, which is a shame. So take heed with the photo you choose for your cover. Especially if you use the one picture full cover design (there are plenty of others to get you creative).  The quality of the book and internal photographs is good. Despite a few unoccupied gaps, overall I am pleased with it and it's undoubtedly a nice thing to have. Once this year has ended I will probably do another annual one for 2017, and for each year too.  It will be a little nostalgic treat to myself, as they are a bit of an investment, but it's such a neat and easy way to record our adventures. Why don't you give it a whirl too and get creative? The website is Enjoy!



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And let us know in the comments below, do you love Facebook and Social Media in general too, and why?


Kate x 


P.s. This is a Collaborative Post: I was given a voucher to create a "My Social Book" in return for a review. We only collaborate with brands that appeal to us and I have only given my honest opinions here. 


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