Review of oilcloth table protectors and messy mats from Messy Me

My children, aged 4 and 6, have just outgrown that really messy eater stage where almost everything ends up on the floor and the table.

Finally, we thought, it was the right time to treat ourselves to a nice solid oak kitchen table. Wrong! I have spent the last few months worrying about stains and stressing over spills which still happen. Even by adults ;-)


The children have been using plastic placemats and they've been great but I also needed something more adult and stylish to protect the whole table. This is when the Messy Me oilcloth came into my life! And what a difference it's made. 


I wouldn't say I'm an obsessive person. But when I own something new and nice, I like to look after it.

Above is a photo of the Oilcloth by Metre from Messy Me in Soft Grey Stars which is their best seller. It looks really nice in our French cottage kitchen and it protects my beloved oak table. Win-win.

Messy Me table flowers

I was given the oilcloth for the purpose of testing and reviewing it. Before agreeing to accept the product, I had a look on their website and I instantly knew this would be a good match for Five Little Stars.

Messy Me products are designed and manufactured in the UK, using high quality, easy clean fabric sourced from Denmark. All of their products have been inspired by the owner's experience as a mum with 3 messy little ones. 


They also make high chair covers and cushions, bibs, aprons (which look gorgeous), splashmats and more. 

Kate has been looking for a large splashmat to use as a floor protector for her kid's painting activities. So rather than review the standard splashmat from Messy Me, she requested a large oilcloth by the metre to give full coverage for her mini Picassos.


As the oilcloth by metre is intended for use as a table cloth, Kate was concerned it may ruche up or move on the floor. But no problems at all, it stayed completely flat, and she said it seems robust and good quality.

Some foods and liquids WILL stain the oilcloth such as tomato, carrot, blueberries, pens, lipstick and curries. This is stated in the fine print.

That's why Kate went for the lovely navy colour as she didn't want any paint stains to show. But she wiped away the paint straight after the activity had finished and it didn't leave a mark.

That day was a busy one. Her little helpers stopped for a yummy lunch break before getting stuck into the next activity. Baking! 

Messy Mats Eating.JPG
Messy Me Baking

A couple of things to mention about the oilcloth which impressed me. The instructions say they are suitable for occasional machine washing at 30 C, on a care cycle. I haven't had to do this as most stains have wiped clean. And you can iron if needed ON REVERSE side only at the lowest possible setting.

The oilcloth is not heat resisant but common sense should prevail here- I wouldn't place very hot things directly on it anyway.

The mats look quite thin on first glance and for me this is part of the charm. I really dislike thick, plasticky table cloths that should belong in a nursery or school canteen. The softness of the oilcloth is one of the reasons I would recommend this product over others.


How much does it cost? 

The Oilcloth is £18.50/metre. My table is medium sized and I ordered 160cm x 140cm. This came to just under £30.00.

For a product of this quality,  I would expect to pay £40+. So I think Messy Me is really good value, stylish and practical (everything we love here at Five Little Stars).

Alison x

P.S. We were kindly sent our Messy Me Oilcloth mats for the purposes of review. All opinions expressed above are, as always, my own.