Pattie Fellowes is THE Photographer in Toulouse - Family Photoshoot and Professional Portraits

This is the lovely Pattie Fellowes

This is the lovely Pattie Fellowes

When I meet people with an artistic talent, I am in awe.

Add to that professionalism, a gentle manner which puts you at ease, and a personality that is as beautiful as she is - you can be sure you have found a great photographer.

Don't just take my word for how talented Pattie Fellowes Photography Toulouse is - she was featured in Italian Vogue recently, and every time I check her Facebook page it seems like she has won more awards! And that, my friends, speaks for itself.

So how lucky am I that she has taken some photos of my little clan, AND some professional photos for my Copywriting business too!

I want to share with you my experience and some of the results, which I am extremely pleased with.

Family Photo Shoot with Pattie Fellowes

If you live in Toulouse or are visiting the area, I highly recommend that you get in touch with Pattie Fellowes Photography for a family photoshoot.

We had a family photoshoot during this summer’s sunflower season. I wanted to capture our first summer, our first sunflowers, and beginning of our life in the South of France. Every time I saw the sunflowers I couldn’t help but smile. I think that they capture all that is positive and uplifting.  I wanted to immortalise that, and freeze my little family in this moment in time.

So we did. With Pattie Fellowes’ expert help.

I don’t know if you have ever had a family photo session? We have had one before, and the photographer is so important. Not just their photography skills, of course, but their ability to engage with you, especially your children, so that everyone feels comfortable. Pattie is a mum. She has young children and she gets it!

Here were our particular family challenges: en route my daughter (age 3) vomited all over her dress. No spare outfit and I had no baby wipes with me…. I know - parenting fail!). Pattie went and got some so we could clean my daughter, and my husband’s new car. Above and beyond! Very shortly before the photo triplicate you see below I was stung by a wasp, and my son (age 4) was being generally quite non-compliant. Only my husband was on top form! AND there was a storm coming so we were against the clock of nature.

I was sure that Pattie was going to struggle to get some nice photos of us, given all of this drama. But she seemed relaxed and positive throughout, and it is a mark of her sheer skill that despite all of the above she got us some beautiful photographs to treasure. They are natural and my children’s cheeky personalities really shine through. I am delighted with the results.

Afterwards, Pattie was really great at helping me choose as well. Our photos were uploaded to her website really quickly and when I was stuck between a couple, she told me her preference and why. When I received the photos I got a CD Rom, and she sent them to me digitally as well (as my MacBook doesn’t have a CD Rom drive so this was very useful). Each of my chosen photographs came edited (yay, due to vomit stains), in 3 colour options, and also a versions for printing and for the web.

For more information you can find Pattie Fellowes’ website here:

As they say, the proof is in the pudding. So take a look for yourself:


Professional Portrait Photo Shoot with Pattie Fellowes

I have been meaning to have a professional photo shoot done for ages as I have had my Copy Kate website for over a year now! When I met Pattie I told her I wanted her to do my professional photographs, as I had seen her other work and was really impressed. But I then procrastinated… I wanted to lose just a little more baby weight (ahem, 3 years on), make sure my hair had been freshly coloured, ensure good weather… excuses! Instead of pushing or forgetting about me, she started messaging me about pinterest boards and ideas for the image of my website. Her enthusiasm got me excited about doing it, so we booked a date.

When the day came, I was a bit nervous. I hadn’t had much time to plan outfits, but I put together a few ideas (the logistics of how I would change in the car to be overcome at the time!), and gathered some accessories. Location wise, I knew I wanted to be outside, and somewhere out of the city (because that’s me!) with some hints of french-ness in the background (doors/shutters/Toulousian pebble walls). Pattie suggested the gorgeous local village of Levignac. She knew it had some good inspiration for the sort of photographs that I was after and we could achieve my relaxed, friendly, and approachable style, whilst maintaining my overall aim of looking professional and trustworthy.

The actual shoot felt very like a collaboration. I was able to suggest potential backgrounds I liked, and Pattie would say whether they would work or not with the light and other technical things she would need to consider. I didn’t feel at all rushed and Pattie would patiently suggest throughout how I could pose my head and body for the best results. As a complete novice, it felt to me that I took a while to feel relaxed and understand what to do. I really thought that the first few photos would come out with me looking really awkward, and yet I ended up choosing one of them because I think Pattie said something at the time that made me chuckle!

As with the family shoot, Pattie was patient, helpful and honest in helping me make my final photographs selection. I have received the files in different sizes so they can be printed or uploaded to different places.

I am delighted with my professional photographs taken by Pattie Fellowes Photography. I think they capture what I wanted really well and they really transform my professional website. Here are a few examples below, you can click on the gallery and scroll along to see more, and please do check out all of the photographs I selected that are in situ on my website too:

Don’t hesitate for so long like I did. Get some professional photographs taken. You are in very safe and competent hands with Pattie Fellowes, and I highly recommend her.

Again, for convenience, you can find her website here with details of all the services that Pattie offers:

She will travel around South-West France too (and anywhere in the world for weddings), so keep her in mind.

Kate x

p.s. This is a collaborative post and Pattie is a personal friend. Please remember that I am very discerning about who and what I review on Five Little Stars and am always honest, with my main aim being that you can trust in my recommendations.