Personalised placemats from Paper Gekko: making dinner time easier!

I bought some Paper Gekko placemats for my children a few years ago - as soon as my youngest graduated from highchair to table.

My son has a dinosaur and my daughter, an animals bus.  They've become routine in our house and have saved a few tables from messy stains (bolognese especially). We also use them for activities like Playdoh or painting.

Dino playdoh.png

Wiping down plastic placemats every time you use them is a pain but that's life and I've realised they actually serve a few purposes.

Placemats encourage my kids to:

- Sit at the table to eat

- Set the table themselves

- Recognise the letters of their name

- Enjoy dinner time!

(Personalised placemats also stop arguments because everyone knows who gets which mat every time!).


We've used other placemats over the years, which have been given as gifts, so I can't say that these Paper Gekko ones have been used at every single meal time for 4 years but they've certainly held up long enough to get us through that really messy eater stage.

My son's dinosaur placemat has had the most use so I was very pleased when the company sent us some replacements for review. The new version is slightly stronger and more durable.

Dinosaur new.jpg

And my 4-year-old loves her new mermaid placemat which replaces her well loved "bus animals" that she's had from age the age of 1!

Mermaid placemat

The clever people at Paper Gekko have also thought of alphabet designs using cursive font that's now used in most UK Primary Schools.


There are dotted letters to help children write their names (you can use wipeable pens- not supplied).

alphabet placemat.JPG

My tip for helping your placemats last years is not to submerge them in water - just give them a wipe down. If it's something really messy then some "spray and wipe" cleaner would be fine (I've submerged mine in the sink a couple of times which didn't hurt them but I wouldn't make a habit of it).

We love our placemats and I think they'd make a lovely present or if your child is going back to school and needing to be reminded (subtley) of their alphabet.

Paper Gekko is a small family run business and all of their stationary is made in the UK.  

Alison x

*This post contains Amazon affiliate links. I bought my original placemats and I was given replacements to test and review.