Princess & Pirate/ Princess & Super hero! Gorgeous stationary for mixed parties (boys and girls) from Paper Gekko

I've only recently entered into proper birthday party territory after my two children started pre-school and reception this year.

My kids have always had friends of the opposite gender but I've noticed, when shopping for themed invitations, there are very few options for mixed parties of boys and girls (or mixed interests).

Which creates a bit of a dilemma. 

So I was delighted to see that a UK stationary company called Paper Gekko is making these 2-in-1 invitations. It's such a great idea.

My daughter is heavily into PJ Masks at the moment so if we had a "Princess & Super hero" party she would definitely want to dress up as the character Owlette. I'm pretty sure a couple of her friends would want to be princesses and I know two boys in her class who would definitely want to come as Spider-Man.

The paper is good quality too which I'm always a fan of. This stationary is ticking a lot of boxes for me right now!

You can buy the ones above on Amazon but you also have the option to personalise the invitations through the Paper Gekko website. This means you can add as little, or as much, information as you like to save having to handwrite all of the details 10 times over!

Another great idea are these personalised party stickers with your child's name on them. You could give as game prizes (instead of sweets) or your child could give them out to his/her friends as they leave the party. Very cute!

A suggestion which looks great is using these plain paper party bags (below) and jazz them up with the personalised stickers. Simple but smart. I found bags like these on Amazon.

Sending thank you messages can take a lot of energy which I usually don't have after a party, but I think it's polite so we always do it (even if it's just a text message). So I think it's great that all of Paper Gekko's invitations come with the option of matching thank you cards.

Finally, a really nice idea, if your child is a party guest and you want to bring a gift that's a bit different. Uou can order these lovely personalised Art/Drawing pads with the child's name on it from £7.50 which I think is about the right amount to spend on a party present. This A4 size (below) contains 50 good quality strong sheets of plain paper.

We love clever ideas here at Five Little Stars and I hope you like these ones as much as me.

x Alison

*I was given these sample products for the purpose of an honest review but all opinions are, always, my own. This post contains Amazon affiliate links.


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