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When the lovely people at S'No Queen heard I was moving to Toulouse and knew how close we were going to be living to the Pyrenees Mountains, they sent me a gift. Silky, swanky, technical winter thermals which make me feel like a svelte cat (even though I am neither of these things!). Indeed, their own description is:

"Multipurpose technical base layer designed for the active fashionista"

Whit woo! I'm not sure that's me though? Maybe they make me so? You decide 😂:


Here is a photo of me wearing the S'No Queen, limited edition, thermals.

Trying to get all the sparkles into the photo - ski position!

Trying to get all the sparkles into the photo - ski position!

First Impressions

When I opened the packaging, after thinking what a gorgeous colour they were (turquoise is in fact one of my favourite colours, so what a nice surprise), and how utterly divine they felt against my skin... my next thought was - crumbs I'm going to have to be photographed in these to show you what they look like! 


As you can see they are meant as undergarments, thermals to wear under ski wear or winter clothes, and so are very figure hugging. They are also sold as lounge wear though... and I think they look as good as they feel. 

I just love the little diamantes all over the fabric. They really add a touch of glamour. 

S'no Queen thermals


When will I wear them?

I will definitely be wearing these for the use which they are intended - as ski/winter thermals. In fact, I cannot wait to get on the slopes in them. However nice your ski wear is, in the desire to keep warm, thermals are necessary but can often be a bit too functional. All that layering can make you feel bundled up underneath and unglam. My old ones certainly did. 


These S'No Queen thermals make me feel the complete opposite. They are thin but surprisingly warm. And i'm already imagining those ski lunch breaks in the sunshine - sunnies on, vin chaud in hand, tartiflette before me - jacket stripped off and revealing my gorgeous S'no Queen base layers. And apres ski: now I can dance on tables, with ski boots and stylish thermals on....no wait, that was me in my 20's! 🙄


But what else will I use them for? Well as they are so technical I can see myself using them generally for any kind of winter sports in the mountains - and may our move to Toulouse bring more of these about. I am so excited to take the kids to see real snow for the first time this winter. You can be sure that whilst we are throwing snowballs at each other and tobogganing down some little hills, I will have my S'No Queen thermals layer on. 

S'no Queen thermals

But also, I can really see myself wearing them, the top half layers particularly, when I am cycling in cooler weather too. It might be a bit much for me to wear the full ensemble with the leggings too when cycling (not that this type of full all in one lycra phases my husband when he goes cycling!!), but teamed with some cycling trousers, the tops would be perfect (together or separate depending on the weather).


And not forgetting, on chilly winter days, they will make super layers under normal clothes to keep me silky snuggley warm.   


Underwear as Outerwear?

These thermals can also be used as lounge wear. They are certainly pretty enough to be. Personally, I wouldn't wear them out of the house, say to my local shop or to do the school run, as a sort of tracksuit type alternative... Only because I'd have to hold my tummy in the whole time!! There is no reason why you couldn't though.

But I certainly would - and do - wear them of an evening when I am relaxing (or at my computer writing!). 

S'no Queen thermals


clever fabric

We like things that are attractive and clever here at Five Little Stars, and these thermals certainly meet our standards. The mix of micro modal, silk (YES, silk!) and lycra, with a ribbed knit to boost further warmth, all make for comfy, stylish wear. They are also moisture wicking, so great to wear when you are being active too. S'No Queen also promise that they will maintain their shape even after multiple washes thanks to the use of Lycra elastane - I have no reason to doubt this but haven't tested this yet. So I promise, should I do so and this not be the case then I will update the review.

S'no Queen size guide



I am currently a UK size 10, but towards the upper end. In France I vary between a 38 and 40 (French brands often seem to come up on the small side). Given that I knew these thermals would be figure hugging, I erred on the side of caution and went for a size Medium. It was absolutely the right call, they are perfect. 



The stunning colour of my S'No Queen thermals in this review are Limited Edition. This means I cannot tell you how much they would cost - because they are simply so exclusive that you cannot buy them. However, do not despair! A similarly lovely design, in a different colour, of the classic polo crystal would be £94, strappy top £25, and the crystal leggings £79. Don't forget, you are paying for style and intelligent fabric.


Delivery costs vary depending on the location - there's a delivery cost estimator in the shopping cart pre-checkout where you can input your location. UK deliveries start from around £8.00, with orders over £200.00 being delivered free. It looks like France starts from around £20.00.


Use the discount code STARS10 to get 10% off until the end of November 2017. 


And if that isn't enough, S'No Queen want to do a GIVEAWAY with our Five Little Stars readers, and there will be one lucky winner of the same thermals as they sent to me! All you have to do is enter the competition below.

Ski position 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ 

Ski position 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ 


Where to Buy your S'No Queen thermals?

You can buy your S'No Queen thermals from their online store here. Also there are worldwide stockists, including in some of my favourite Alps ski resorts (Courchevel, Val d’Isère and Meribel).

Sparkles!! ✨ 

Sparkles!! ✨ 


sparkles and bubbles.....

Told you this was a luxury brand!

When you have added these beauties to your own wardrobe, don't forget to send a photo (to S'No Queen) of yourself in your new swanky silky threads to be entered into a monthly competition to win a bottle of Prosecco.


Fit for a Queen indeed!


Kate x

 N.B. Don't forget the discount code STARS10 to get 10% off (valid until the end of November 2017)


Competition NOW CLOSED: Win some S'No Queen thermal base layers just like mine for yourself! 

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Good luck!  



P.s. If the French Alps are your closest Mountain range, or you are thinking of visiting, here's an idea of somewhere you could stay in the gorgeous Haute-Savoie region. 

P.p.s. I was gifted these S'No Queen thermals for the purposes of a review. My views above are, as always, honest and my own.


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