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Solar Buddies review

children and the sun

I love the sunshine, I really do. My children (and I think most children) are never happier than when they are outside. Making mud pies, finding bugs, playing hide and seek. The muckier the colour of the bath water at the end of the day - the more fun has been had.


BUT I also have a red haired, pale skinned, child and am extra vigilant with his sun exposure. Not that this is particularly special, ALL children need to be safe in the sun, and I am just as careful with my daughter.


Applying suncream has become a bit of a mission with my 4 year old recently though. This is somewhat tricky seeing as we live in the South of France now, and protection from the sun is a VERY important, daily, thing for a lot of the year.


When I try to put sun cream on my 4 year old I am met with resistance, sometimes tears, and teenage type protests of "come on!" (is he 4 or 14?). There are logical arguments deployed before school too, like "the sun isn't even out yet". My father witnessed this behaviour last week. He was a Doctor and is great at getting through to my son with things like this when I can't/feel like banging my head against a brick wall. They sat down and had a chat, in a child appropriate way, about how the sun can really hurt your skin *if you don't wear sun cream*. It has helped. 

Solar Buddies Kids

I heard glowing reviews from a friend about Solar Buddies (always the best way to discover a product) and so was intrigued. I instantly thought they could make the application of sun cream a little easier, for all of us. I was sent one to try and LOVE it.

...and so this is me, sharing with you, so you can tell your friends too.


What are Solar Buddies?

Solar buddies are a unique sun cream applicator. They are the brain child of 2 mums from the UK, who understand what us parents' need.


The reason Solar Buddies are unique is because they have been specifically designed for use by children (over the age of 36 months). But they are great for adults too.

Solar Buddies rollerball


The patent protected, award winning, design is very clever. The applicator involves a rollerball AND a (replaceable - advised every 2-3 months if in constant use) sponge pad. This makes it less messy, makes the application more gentle, and with it you/your child are able to apply the sun cream evenly. 


You can put any brand of sun cream into the applicator.


Whilst you can get other rollerball sun cream applicator products (the sun cream brands sell them); because of the quality of the design of Solar Buddies, and particularly the sponge pad feature and the benefits this brings, I think that the Solar Buddies applicator is the better product. And this is why I recommend them to you. 


My children were both instantly interested in the Solar Buddy, and particularly my son liked the autonomy it would give in applying his own sun cream. 


I am a bit of a control freak, especially where the children's skin is concerned with sun (and probably will be for many years/until they leave home), and we are still at the stage where I am either doing it, or closely supervising them applying their cream, so I am satisfied that it is going on everywhere.


It is worth noting that neither child has complained that the applicator is in any way uncomfortable either. In the moment, the application/reapplication of sun cream often involves (however willing) wriggly participants, desperate to rush off and play. I did wonder, as the rollerball is hard, whether it would cause complaint - but thanks to the sponge cushioning - not at all. And it provides really superb and even coverage.


Another big reason that I like our Solar Buddies applicator is because I can send it to school with my son. Currently in pre-school/kindergarten/petit section, I know that the teachers will help the little ones put on their sun cream, but I don't think they will help as much next year and so I want my boy to be prepared. I have put a name sticker from My Name Tags on the Solar Buddy (there is a space to do this). 


What do we think?

My 3 and 4 year old children are delighted with their Solar Buddies sun cream applicator.

As am I. It is really easy for us all to use.

A 4 year old's applying his own sun cream with his Solar Buddies applicator

A 4 year old's applying his own sun cream with his Solar Buddies applicator

  • Both of my children like being able to apply their own suncream, and feel in control and grown up. The whinging and resistance from my 4 year old has markedly reduced. (I wish I could say it had ceased completely..!)


  • I really LOVE not having sun cream all over my hands once I have finished using the Solar Buddy;


  • I LOVE that I can pop it in my son's school bag so he can top up his sun cream (at the moment with a teachers' help) during the day; and


  • I LOVE that I have a small, faff-free, reliably non-leaking, sun cream applicator that fits in my handbag.


Yay for Solar Buddies.

You need at least one in your life! 


Would you like to win one?

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One winner will be chosen at random, and will be required to provide Five Little Stars with their name and address, which will be provided to Solar Buddies so they can post the prize directly.

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If you don't win the competition, or want more - don't panic! You can buy Solar Buddies direct from their website:

I did a little research and buying direct from them is the best value way to own one, rather than using a distributor like Amazon. Even with shipping costs to France,  it's worth every penny. 

A singe applicator is £8.99, plus postage.

Kate x

P.s. This is a collaborative post but all the views you have read here are honest and my own (or that of my children!) 

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