Tovi the Penguin goes to Paris: book review

I think Penguins are among the cutest animals on earth (a close second to the panda perhaps?) and if there is one city that is also universally loved it surely has to be Paris (I'm biased of course because I live here). So I think by combining these two themes, Janina Rossiter has struck gold with her little gem of a book called Tovi The Penguin Goes on a Treasure Hunt in Paris.

It is the latest in a series of 7 books which also includes Tovi goes to London, Tovi goes camping and my children's recent favourite, Tovi goes into space (which I bought my 5-year-old for Christmas).

The loveable penguin is the creation of designer, illustrator, working mum and self-published author Janina "Nina" Rossiter.

I was so pleased when she asked Five Little Stars to review her latest book. Nina's books are aimed at 2 - 6 year olds. I'd say Tovi goes to Paris is for older children in this age bracket because they have to try to answer some questions about Paris ("clues") which lead Tovi to his final destination (hint: it's a very famous painting in The Louvre). Adults will still need to read the book with older child as it's not an 'easy reader'. 

My 3-year-old daughter loves the pictures and she is just as captivated as her older brother so it's a nice book for me to read to them together at bedtime.

We had some friends visiting at the weekend and my kids were really eager to be tour guides so they brought Tovi along to the Eiffel Tower. I got some great photos and the book even came with us all the way to the very top of the tower!

Tovi at the top of the Tower!

Tovi at the top of the Tower!

What I like the most about this book are the colours and illustrations. Nina has used a dusty/rose pink theme throughout and the details in the Parisian landmarks are exquisite (lamp posts, Metro stations and balconies). For someone who has to find the time to illustrate her books while her baby is's obvious this book has been a labour of love.

Tovi the Penguin goes on a Treasure Hunt is available to buy through Amazon or Nina's website.

And finally...

I couldn't leave without sharing this lovely photo of Kate's children with Tovi goes Camping... in their Teepee.

Alison x

*I received the book for the purpose of a review. As always, this is my honest opinion. 

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