Turn your trainers into slip-ons! Genius! My review of Glydez lace replacements...

Laces and toddlers = don't mix!

Laces and toddlers = don't mix!

Every now and then while shopping for my children's trainers, I find the perfect little pair at the right price and then discover they have laces! Why brands sell lace-ups for kids under 6 years, I don't know!

Children do have to start learning to tie their laces sometime...I get that. But under 6 isn't a practical time in my opinion. 

There's another solution to this. I recently stumbled upon a simple product which turns lace-ups into no-ties. They are called Glydez.


I tried them on a pink pair of trainers someone had bought for my 4-year-old. The shoes had sadly been put to the back of the cupboard because, with laces, they were basically useless (sorry kind relative who gave them to her).

Later I'll show you photos of the Glydez on my own trainers... 

But first, how do they work?

There are two size options (junior and regular) and you get 16 separate elastic threads in a little packet. 


The instructions are clear but as I'm a hands-on learner I just got started and found it pretty easy to work it out for myself.

Firstly, you take out your old laces.

Then you thread the Glydez through the holes.

And finally, click each together! 

Take out old laces.

Take out old laces.

Thread each hole.

Thread each hole.

Click together.

Click together.

Much better.

Much better.

There are different style options depending on how you want them to look and fit.

DSC_0361 (2).JPG

While researching for this review I actually discovered that Glydez use a type of memory elastic which adapts to your foot.

I did think they felt a bit tight when I first put them in my Adidas Stan Smiths but by the end of the weekend they had adjusted and were really comfortable (not too tight but firm enough to feel like they wouldn't fall off).

I don't actually use these shoes for sport (just for the school run and shopping) so Iplan to try the "relaxed fit" next (as pictured above) so that I can slip them on quickly and fly out the door. 


I mixed two packets of yellow and white to add a bit of colour. I think it looks cute. I'm a bit in love with yellow at the moment.


The website doesn't mention this but I've thought of another positive use for them. If you have a child with motor skill delays then learning to tie shoe laces might be frustrating and it can take a long time for some kids to learn (maybe never).

Sadly, a lot of sports brands stop making velcro trainers past a certain age and shoes with laces are all that's available. But this product means that children can continue to buy any cool shoe they like - the same as everyone else - until they are ready to tie their own laces.

I think they're a clever idea all round.

I was given these Glydez for the purpose and testing and reviewing them. I hope you've found it helpful. 

Alison x








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